Life Gets Crazy Go Grab Your Journal

I journal to get the all the toxic emotions out of my system. It really helps with clearing out my mind. Also, it’s fun to visit past writings to to see how far you’ve come mentally and emotionally.

Instead of doing a product review, I wanted to do something a little different with my youtube channel. I freaked out at first cause it was such a vulnerable moment but now I am so glad that I did it!:-) If you are looking for tools to process anything that is taking up space in your brain that is not serving you in a way positive, I hope this video can help.

A Failure At Fitting IN

I have no idea what fitting in means. The experience skipped me I guess. Some of the most painful moments in my life has been moments of social rejection. But at a certain age the scars fade and you either choose to swim forward or not. I used to hide bits of myself due to the scars of past rejection. I stopped doing that, it just didn’t serve me in any way.


Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb For Real Review!

This Lip Gloss is the #1 selling product at Sephora. Is it all just hype or does it actually perform?

My rating for the product is 1.5/5 Smooches. The marketing is superb especially with this particular product and the celebrity branding of it. But when I wore it for more than a few days it smelled of Chemical Jolly Rancher and that made me feel a bit nauseous. The color is great for most people but the chemical taste and smell is to me not worth it.