Women Lack Upper Body Strength

I’ve heard more than a few times in my life that women were naturally weaker than men when it came to upper body strength. This information gave me the excuse of not trying harder when it came to strengthening my upper body. BIG MISTAKE. I stopped listening to that crap and started really pushing myself when it came to push-ups, pull-ups and rope climbs. I even joined a Pole Class.

Unsolicited Advice: Don’t let the archaic wording or the opinion of others get in your way. My push ups are not the best but I have developed enough upper body strength to climb up a metal pole and half way up my gym’s climbing rope. I have not made it all the way up to the top yet–but soon! If someone tells you that you can not do something, or the outcome of your work is predetermined, get the hell away from them! Do not limit yourself. Also, push yourself when the time is right for you! Do not be afraid –you got this!


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